Vision WellViewer

Vision iO’s proprietary user interface for analysis of visual logging data

Introducing Vision WellViewer

WellViewer is Vision iO’s proprietary cloud-based software which is used to upload, share, review and analyse video data recorded on WellCAM or ReadyCAM. WellViewer is entirely web-based, so no local installation is required.

WellViewer is a powerful tool for to view and fully analyse video data. WellViewer is also a digital library for your well, enabling additional information to be stored on the data entry for a full narrative of your well.

WellViewer users have a secure login and is accessible anywhere by anyone at anytime.


Cloud-based User Interface

  • Secure user login, unlimited user access
  • Upload, share, review and analyse video data
  • Digital well data library

Dynamic video data viewing

  • Play, pause, rewind, advance forward or back frame-by-frame
  • Zoom, pan and rotate
  • View, add and edit tags for quick access to points of interest

Image enhancement

  • Image enhancement to remove suspended particulate
  • Apply Auto White Balance (AWB) to adjust image
  • Adjustable contrast for clarity

Measuring tool

  • Polar (circular) or planar (linear) measuring
  • Multiple measurements on a single image
  • Accuracy to <1mm

Supplementary data

  • High side indicator
  • Well temperature
  • Depth vs time graph

Digital Well Library

  • Search on previous well interventions
  • Upload additional well information
  • Camera run information