Our Service Delivery

An expanding global network of collaborative service delivery

Our Service Delivery Commitment

Vision iO is a technology company with a service company philosophy, committed to delivering best in class service support to users and operators of Vision iO’s products.

Vision iO has co-operation agreements with a growing network of global integrated service companies and regional independent service companies who hold Vision WellCAM and Vision ReadyCAM in their local facilities to deliver the service to the end-user.

Vision iO supports this network with training and support for service and E&P companies, in business development, field operations, service and maintenance.

Vision iO supports visual logging deployment operations throughout the life cycle of the intervention: from pre-job planning and procedures through to interpretation and analysis of the recorded data presented to the end-user.


Service delivery

  • Equipment located with service companies for autonomous utilisation
  • Streamlined contracting and procurement process for E&P company
  • Equipment operated by service company field engineers

Training and support

  • Training can be tailored to suit requirements
  • Face-to-face on location, web-delivered training and 24/7 telephone support
  • On-site support for SIT and operations when required
  • Customer support visits and attendance at trade shows

QHSE Excellence

  • Fully auditable QHSE management system
  • Traceability components and raw materials in manufacture
  • 100% Quality Assurance inspection

Ease of Use

  • Tools specifically designed for ease of use and maintenance
  • Modular construction allows remote configuration for SRO or memory
  • Intuitive system set up and operation

Operational Continuity

  • System includes master and back-up tools & critical spares
  • Exchange service for faulty or damaged tools
  • Straightforward tool re-dress post job


  • Additional tool sets mobilised to allow concurrent operations
  • Equipment retained in region or relocated to active areas
  • Equipment can be retained on platform, rig, vessel or well site for long term contingency