Vision WellCAM

Industry leading downhole visual logging tool

Vision WellCAM

Vision WellCAM® is an industry leading downhole visual logging tool offering unique technology for improved wellbore trouble shooting and interrogation. Full hemispherical view, active cooling, measurement and 3D rendered output are just some of the features that provide significant operational benefits to the Operator. WellCAM® records data from surface to point of interest offering Streetview for your wellbore allowing total wellbore diagnostics in addition to a specific point of interest. Deployed globally, WellCAM has widespread availability.

WellCAM® has an extensive history of delivering invaluable and problem solving well information to major, national and independent exploration and production companies around the world.


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Hemispherical 180° | 360° field of view

  • Single lens captures hemispherical image
  • Simultaneous down and side view
  • No moving parts
  • Dynamic zoom, rotate and tilt

Active Cooling

  • Peltier technology cools critical components
  • No time limits in high temperature wells
  • No degradation of image

Image Optimisation

  • Variety of digital adjustment for greater image clarity
  • Digital filters dynamically remove suspended particulate from the image

Multiple conveyance methods

  • E-line and slickline
  • Coil and intelligent coil
  • Drill pipe
  • Tractor

Supplementary data

  • Time/date stamp
  • Depth/time log
  • Low side indicator
  • Inclinometer
  • Well temperature


  • Standard industry top connections
  • H2S and CO2 compliant
  • Third party tool integration

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