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Next generation
downhole Camera solution

For use in Oil, Gas, Water and Geothermal wells




Visual Logging Platform


Digital downhole Camera solution for use in Oil, Gas and Geothermal wells.
We combine digital images with advanced software processes in order to provide our Customers with a visual log of their well.
Our WellViewer™ software is used on all cameras enabling unique continuous pan & tilt ability in the whole well bore.

The Vision WellCAM® platform can be run on all types of conveyances:

      • Slickline: Memory based interventions with up to 24 hours of recording time.
      • E-Line: Low-bandwidth control images and full resolution images stored in camera.
      • Coil: Memory based interventions with up to 24 hours of recording time with the ability to flush while recording.
      • E-Coil: Live interventions with the ability to flush while recording.
      • DrillPipe: Memory or live interventions on drill pipe with the ability to flush while recording.

>>> Download the WELLCAM® Spesifications

Our technology:

      • Fish eye technology, 360° view always ensures full sight coverage in both memory and e- line (no moving parts).
      • Simultaneous continuous downward and lateral sight coverage at bottom of logging string. Ensures faster operation, less time in-hole.
      • 15000 PSI / 125°C.
      • Internal storage capacity with a recording time of 24 hours.
      • Zoom, Pan and Tilt functions in real time data, and post job inspection in recorded data.
      • Ability to see whilst pumping (Coil operation) – Enhanced chance of clear images.
      • Multiple conveyance methods – Ability to convert between E-Line and Memory in the field
      • Cloud-based image explorer and storage – Easy to share data with clients (WellViewer Cloud)
      • On-Site Measurement capabilities.



  • WellCam Video

  • MudCam Video

  • Visual logging

Vision ReadyCAM®

An inspection system for Subsea Completion and P&A activities

The ReadyCAM®  is a combination of a High Definition (HD) Camera and a Multi Mode Hoisting Winch. The system can be run directly in hole, or on a drill pipe adapter allowing circulation.

Typical applications for the ReadyCAM®:

      • Identify abnormalities
      • Verify cleanness of hanger area before completion is run
      • Verify cleanness in BOP after milling operations
      • Visual confirmation of equipment status

>>> Download the ReadyCAM® Spesifications
>>> Download the ReadyCAM GO® Spesifications

Vision FlexCAM®

Flexible Riser Inspection

The FlexCAM® is a combination of a High Definition (HD) Camera and a tailor made pig for inspection of Flexible Risers.

The Camera is pumped through the Flexible Riser from a floating production platform, down to the template at seabed.

The FlexCAM® system includes Hoisting Winch, Camera and Pressure Control Equipment rated to 390 bar allowing inspection in one riser whilst the Oil & Gas production may continue uninterrupted in the parallel riser.

  • No need for disconnecting Production Riser at Seabed
  • Uninterrupted production from parallel riser during Inspection
  • Full Zoom, Pan and Tilt control in stored image data for later offline inspection and comparison
  • Tailor Made Pig assembly for 5D bend and water bypass
  • “Digital Removal” of particles in contaminated water to obtain good quality images

>>> Download the FlexCAM® Spesifications


History and mission

Vision iO AS was founded in Stavanger Norway, in 2008 by Øyvind Hovland and André Hognestad.
Øyvind is a serial entrepreneur, co-founding companies such as Datavision AS and Cyviz AS, while André is the former VP for Well Intervention at Archer Well Company.
Both derive long experience from leading positions in their respective industries.

Vision iO AS has gradually become one of the most exciting and innovative suppliers of camera technology for the oil and gas industry.
Our technology is based on years with continuous R&D, and we work along with large oil operators and service providers to deliver the best camera technology available in the market for our clients.

Today the company is in fast growth and has strengthened its team to be able to meet demand from clients both at the Northern shelf, and internationally.

Our Vision

We will be the preferred visual inspection provider in the Oil, Gas & Geothermal market.

Our Mission

We will provide unique images to our customers by combining digital imagery components with the most advanced image optimization algorithms.

Our Core values

We are Dedicated
We always strive for Quality
We are Flexible
We are Innovative

How we work

Our business model

Vision iO is a technology company that design and manufacture highly advanced and innovative visual inspection systems for the Oil, Gas & Geothermal industry.
We provide our technology through selected Partners.


What we do to protect people, environment and equipment

Quality, health, safety and environment are integral parts of Vision iO activities. We continually strive to create a safe and efficient workplace where there are no accidents, injuries or losses.

We will deliver product and services at the agreed time and place without risk of accidents or adverse health and environmental impacts according to applicable laws, rules and regulations.