The eyes to the future

Next generation Camera and visual inspection systems



Vision WellCAM®

Visual Logging Platform

What the Vision WellCAM® technology offers:

One camera, multiple conveyances

  • E-line, slickline, coiled tubing and drill-pipe
  • Easy to convert from Memory to Surface read-out

Image optimization and measurement

  • Cloud based measurement tools and filters available for user

Unique 180°/360° field of view

  • Full wellbore scanning
  • Continuous downward and lateral sight coverage
  • Zoom, pan and tilt in real-time and in recorded images

Cloud based storing and sharing

  • Easy to share and interact in recorded image data

Images while pumping

  • Unique dome and nozzle design ensure no image distortion
  • Quality images at pump rates up to 2,5bbl/min
  • Typically used for Coil Tubing and Drill pipe Operations

Dynamic camera interface

  • Live image tagging, zoom, pan and tilt functions

Hemispheric sapphire dome

  • Enables continuous sideview
  • Enables well objects proximity viewing
  • Allows access through solids

>>> Download the Vision WELLCAM® Specifications




Vision ReadyCAM® GO

An inspection system for Subsea Completion and P&A activities

Vision ReadyCAM® GO
The Vision ReadyCAM® GO is a new and helicopter transportable version of our Vision ReadyCAM® solution for inspections of subsea equipment. It is run on wire or pipe.
The Vision ReadyCAM® GO is mostly used to inspect the hanger area before running completion strings, inspect cleanness inside the BOP after milling operations, check BOP ram seal conditions, valve positions, identify foreign objects, leaks, damages or obstructions.

The Vision ReadyCAM® GO is mostly used to verify cleanness of hanger area before running completion, verify cleanness in BOP after milling operations, visual confirmation of equipment status and identifying abnormalities.

>>> Download the ReadyCAM GO® Specifications


More products coming soon

New products and technical improvements will be launched here.


History and mission

Vision iO AS was founded in Stavanger by Øyvind Hovland and Andre Hognestad in 2008.
Since then, Vision iO has gradually become one of the most exiting and innovative suppliers of Camera and visual logging technology in the industry.

Our technology is based on years of continuous Research and Development, and cooperation with large Oil Operators and services providers.

We are fast growing with more than 16 Partners Worldwide. Some Partners take care of their local market, others are active in a great number of locations and markets.
Today we have proven our technology in more than 25 countries, and we have performed several hundred jobs. We take great pride in what we do, and highly appreciate Customers and Partners appraising our technology.

Our Vision

The eyes to the future

Our Mission

With cutting edge down-hole camera technology Vision iO provides 100% reliable data for optimizing well operations.

Our Core values

We are Dedicated
We always strive for Quality
We are Flexible
We are Innovative

How we work

Our business model

We are a highly inventive technology company aiming to take lead in design and manufacturing of highly advanced and innovative Camera and visual inspection technology.

We provide our technology through carefully selected Partners all over the World.

If you want to become a Partners, please contact us at for more information.
If you want to use our technology, please contact one of our Partners in your market, or VIO directly on


What we do to protect people, environment and equipment

We continually seek to create a safe and efficient workplace where there are no accidents, injuries or losses. We deliver technology and our services at the agreed time and place without risk of accidents or damage to health and the environment.

We provide our Partners with necessary equipment and training to deliver outstanding Camera services to our Customers.
We provide work processes, checklists and best practices to our Partners to improve work performance and risk management.

We all take care of each other and take pride in having created a good working environment.

We take responsibility for our own safety and our Partners safety through planning of operations and maintenance of our equipment.
We stop and react immediately to unsafe acts or conditions.

We do not cause harm to the environment.